The next generation – giving the youth a chance

Youth work is considered hugely important at CSI Neustadt-Dosse. For many years the Junior Future Tour for junior show jumpers, the young rider tests and, the highlight, the team show jumping competition for juniors and young riders, where teams from six different federal states battle it out, have been established components of the tournament.

The youth taking part at CSI Neustadt-Dosse are not just of the two-legged variety though; four-legged youngsters get their chance to shine too: The young horses always guarantee a truly special highlight. Whether it is the five and six-year-old jumping horses, for whom Neustadt-Dosse provides the opportunity to compete in the first test of the new year, or the international show jumpers’ seven and eight year youngsters, all these horses have their own programme of tests in the Graf von Lindenau-Halle which provides a valuable glimpse into the future of the sport.