Tradition – a tournament on an historic site

“For the benefit of the country” was the motto under which Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II ordered the construction of two stud facilities in 1788 – a headline which still holds true today. The Brandenburg Principal and State Stud at Neustadt/Dosse is internationally acclaimed, both for its unique architectural ensemble and for its influence on the breeding of riding horses. The idea behind establishing the two studs came from then stable master Carl Heinrich August Graf von Lindenau – after whom the events arena in the grounds of the Brandenburg Principal and State Stud in Neustadt/Dosse (built 1999-2000) was named.

In the year 2000 everything was set – for the first time ever, an international tournament took place there. Where better to establish a meeting place for the international equestrian elite than at this hugely significant place in the history of horse breeding? “Neustadt-Dosse – the name always had and still has a real ring to it in the international world of equestrian sport and it exerts an almost magnetic pull. All the pieces just came together: we had the experience from our tournament in Rostock, we suddenly had an events arena which was perfectly equipped for equestrian sport and we had the enthusiasm of the region, which was also important for State Stud stable master Dr. Jürgen Müller. There really was the feeling at that time that there was absolutely no alternative but to establish an international equestrian tournament in Neustadt”, recalls Herbert Ulonska of those early days.

Equestrian sport is constantly changing – and CSI Neustadt-Dosse always adapts to meet the latest demands: the involvement of gifted amateurs, a chance for the younger generation to shine, and show contests have all added to the impressive list of what CSI Neustadt-Dosse has to offer. Ulonska: “We are always looking to make our tournaments just that little bit better – and so each new event incorporates a step forward.”